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air filter, air purifier, ionic breeze
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Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier

air purifier,air filter,ultraviolet


The S1000FX is a combination ultraviolet light air Purifier. The S1000FX is designed to destroy the harmful pollutants and odors resulting from cigarette smoke and other chemical and biological contaminants.
Ideal for smoking applications such as bars, restaurants, casinos, bingo halls, hospitals,nursing homes,doctor offices,prisons anywhere clean air is important. With the optional Clean Room Option, the S1000FX is equipped with a HEPA filter and an additional Germicidal Lamp.
The Sanuvox S1000FX has a patented ultraviolet light that is parallel to air flow unlike probes or an object air purifier giving it a longer "dwell time" or longer exposure to contaminants. To compliment this design it also has a "Turbulator" which looks like a fan only stationary. This "Turbulator" slows the moving air and spins it around the ultraviolet light which contributes to longer "Dwell" time.

The S1000FX is the most effective ultraviolet light air purifier available for smoke, odors, chemical odors, viruses, bacteria, and germs.




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